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Italy, Italians, seeside, chocolate and ice-cream or good food in general have been a passion since I was a child. When somebody asked me what I wanted to become when I was older, I just answered: I want to become an Italian. Every year’s holiday on the Italian coast weren’t enough, but only increased the desire to learn Italian and more from this warm and friendly people, which made me feel so good during the holidays.

After school it was clear to me to go abroad, at least for a certain time. University in Germany, England and Italy and finally my Italian boyfriend made me move to Italy. During my first years in Italy, I worked in one of the best hotels of the area, until I decided to work on my own as a certified translator and interpreter for Italian, English and German. The upcoming internet, passion for tourism, languages, internet and photography made me found the portal www.toskana.net with accommodations all over Tuscany.

During all these years of life and work in Tuscany, the excellent quality of food and wine, the matching between them, wine production and growing, exercised a great fascination on me, thus I became member of the Italian Slow Food association and finally Sommelier. I write about food and life in Tuscany and Italy in my blog www.toskanaitalien.de.

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